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Chalk board dates back to the first organized school classroom. Probably, several 100's of years ago. Before that, they used a charcoal stick and wrote on any flat work surface available. The problem being, charcoal doesn't erase, so a brand new writing surface was required very often. Before they needed chalkboards, somebody had to invent chalk to the chalkboards.

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It absolutely was discovered crushed up limestone produced a white powder that might be compressed in to a soft white stick that would create a white line rather than black line that a charcoal stick left. One of the benefits was that it erased off an even stone surface. Then some bright fellow cut thin slabs of slate rock, polished it along with the chalkboard was given birth to.

Chalk writing on slate chalkboards was the mainstay within the classroom for quite some time, and also the business world realized they might advertise on chalkboards, regularly changing their advertising message. Eventually, that old slate chalkboards went the clear way of the dinosaur, making room for new inventions, for example whiteboards using colorful dry erase markers.

Now, if you're able to obtain an slate chalkboards discarded by way of a school, you've got a very valuable antique. The chalk boards make an actual comeback recently due to the their nostalgic look that radiates a hot and comfortable feeling.

Food markets, coffee shops and restaurant, in particular, manage to much like the chalk boards, cracker barrel type motif. Obviously, the chalk isn't compressed limestone and chalk boards hardly ever slate.

Almost all of today's chalk boards may be a melamine laminate or textured acrylic as they are light-weight and sturdy. The chalk has become a liquid chalk inside a marker pen, and so the chalk and also the boards have survived, but like everything else, to remain modernized for efficiency.

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